DIGITEN G1/2" Liquid Display Water Flow Quantitative Controller Meter+Solenoid Valve

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For DFC15 Controller:
Controller Power Requirement: 12VDC
Power Adapter: Input: 100-240VAC; Output: 12VDC, max 2A 
Adapter lead length: 1m 
Measuring Accuracy: ±1%
Output for Solenoid valve: 12VDC, max 5A 
Temperature Sensor: 0-125℃/32-257℉, NTC3950, Accuracy: ±1℃/±1℉ thread: M8
Max Total Volume : 999999 G/L 
Quantitative Range: 0-9999.99 G/L 
Flow Rate Range: 0-9999.99/LPM(GPM) 
Cable Length : 1m 
Dimensions: 88mmx126mmx30mm 
Weight: 200g 
Operation Environment: Temperature: 0-50℃/32-122℉; Relative Humidity: <85% 

For G1/2" Flow Sensor:
Flow range:1-30L/min
Allow compression:Water pressure 1.75 Mpa below
Sensor:Hall effect
Cable length:15cm.
Error: ± 2% 

For G1/2" Solenoid Valve:
Working pressure:0.02-0.8Mpa
Operation mode:N/C,normally closed.

How to work:
1. Set K value, quantitative value, max alarm value, properly install the flow sensor and solenoid valve.
2. Press the RUN/STOP button, the controller works, total will continuously display the current flow volume, and current flow rate, and the faucet will start animated display.
3. When the flow reaches the quantitative setting value, the controller turn off the solenoid valve automatically, and the total value stop, faucet animation will be stopped dropping, flow rate back to zero.
4. Pressthe RUN/STOP buton again and the controller will repeat the same job.

1, This controller work with the solenoid valve up to 5A, but this kit come with 2A power adapter. If drive a large solenoid valve, please use suitable power adapter.
2, Ensure the solenoid valve and flow sensor direction is the same with water flow.
3, Avoid the water into the controller.

Package includes:
1 x DFC15 controller
1 x G1/2" flow sensor
1 x G1/2" solenoid valve
1 x Power adapter
1 x Temperature sensor 
1 x Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
James Roye
Bad to the Bone

this is the handiest thing i have ever had for my greenhouse... set and forget... no more spills. no more standing there watching water run!

AYC Automatizacion y Control S.A.
Excelente Servicio

Excelente servicio, el producto cumple con las características ofrecidas y la entrega fue antes de lo esperado

Larry Canipe
Great meter, been looking for something like this for some time

Once calibrated (using a weight measuring scale and adjusting the "K" Factor in settings) this meter appears to be rock solid. It come default "K" at 7.50. I have adjusted this to be more precise with a value of 6.92. Be interesting to know if others had to make the same adjustment Pay close attention to the connection harness as the strain relief on the cable is marginal at best. Mine was missing a screw and the other unit (I have 2 ) the wire jacket was not even clamped.

Larry Canipe
Very impressive

A cheap flow meter that can be connected to a solar panel and a battery leave it there working remotely for days. I used for a infiltration test in the middle of nowhere in central California. Keep it working in the field for a week in a very harsh environment and work great. I totally recommend this equipment.

Fantastic water meter!

I've been using this meter for several months now in my gourmet mushroom operation and absolutely love it! One thing to keep in mind. The valve is closed until the solenoid receives the voltage to open. This is critical to understand if you're going to be keeping the valve open for extended periods. The solenoid heats up quite a bit when it's open for an hour or so. I can't imagine what it would do if it was left on all day. This technically is not a problem for me because it's only open a few seconds but I wanted to make sure others are aware if that's what they are wanting to use it for.