DIGITEN LCD Display Water Flow Quantitative Controller


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This liquid flow controller(DFC15) is used to measure and control the flow of liquid, it can control solenoid valve on/off when the flow reaches to setting value. 


Technical Specifications:
Controller Power Requirement: 12VDC
Power Adapter: Input: 100-240VAC; Output: 12VDC, max 2A
Adapter lead length: 1m 
Measuring Accuracy: ±1% 
Output for Solenoid valve: 12VDC, max 5A 
Temperature Sensor: 0-125℃/32-257℉, NTC3950, Accuracy: ±1℃/±1℉ thread: M8
Max Total Volume : 999999 G/L
Quantitative Range: 0-9999.99 G/L
Flow Rate Range: 0-9999.99/LPM(GPM) 
Cable Length : 1m 
Dimensions: 88mmx126mmx30mm 
Weight: 200g 
Operation Environment: Temperature: 0-50℃/32-122℉; Relative Humidity: <85% 

1, This controller work with the solenoid valve up to 5A, but this kit come with 2A power adapter. If drive a large solenoid valve, please use suitable power adapter.
2, Please use teflon on the thread when requirement, ensure don't leak.
3, The wires can be extended up to 10m.
4, Avoid the water into the controller.

Package includes:
1 x DFC15 controller
1 x Temperature sensor 
1 x Power adapter
1 x Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Travis Garrison
It's all the things they don't tell you

They don't tell you that they only have solenoid leads for a Normally Closed Solenoid, so if your application requires a normally open solenoid, you're screwed. Then they don't tell you that if you separately buy their Hall Effect Sensor Water Flow meter it will come wired with a connector that isn't compatible. When you tell Digiten "hey, you should put this stuff in the product information, so people know before they buy the wrong things" they tell you that they don't want to do that because it would confuse customers. So now, because their product information is incomplete, I have to spend an additional $5.89 for a NC relay & $6.99 for a power cord splitter (so that I can use my Digiten NO Solenoid) and $9.99 for a kit with the correct terminal so I can use the water flow meter.

Lukas Kraut
Ein super Produkt!

Das Ding tut genau was es soll! Wünschenswert wäre lediglich eine verbesserte Lösung für die Anbindung der einzelnen Komponenten (Durchflussmesser usw.)


can you please email me this water meters manual? i want to buy one, but want to see what this unit is capable of?

any WiFi connectivity? to send alarm to an APP?

Great meter

Good product. Meter was accurate and worked great.

AYC Automatizacion y Control S.A.
Item appears manufactured quite well. Arrived on time. Will but same again if needed.

Item appears manufactured quite well. Arrived on time. Will but same again if needed. very impressed with the menu options, instructions and ease of install. reminder to always switch to STOP before changing/resetting options. wish it had more than one input channel. comes WITH the temp sensor. there are no standard fitting at hardware store for this. i took a PVC end cap and tapped thread into it, wrapped the temp sensor with thread tape and screwed it in on top of an inline t-fitting. thread was 8 x 1.25 if i recall correctly