DIGITEN G1" Water Flow Hall Effect Sensor Switch Flow Meter 1-60L/min

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Waterproof,Heat resistance,pressure resistance,cold resistance.
Easy to install.
Frequency: F=4.8 * Q (L / Min) error:± 2% voltage :3.5-24VDC, current can not exceed 10mA, 450 output pulses/liters, F=constant * units of flow (L / min) * time (seconds).
Flow range:1-60L/min
Maximum current:15 mA(DC 5V)
Working voltage range:DC 5-24 V
Load capacity:10 mA(DC 5V)
Operating Temp:80,Operating humidity:35%-90%RH
Allow compression:Water pressure 1.75 Mpa below
Insulation resistance:>100M OHM
Storage Temperature: -25-80℃ 
Storage humidity:25%-95%RH 
Output Waveform:Square Wave,output pulse signal. 
ROHS Compliant.
Cable length:15cm.

Packaging include
G1" Flowmeter x 1

Customer Reviews

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Heather Gifford

DIGITEN G1" Water Flow Hall Effect Sensor Switch Flow Meter 1-60L/min

DIGITEN G1” FLOW SENSOR limits water flow!

This 1” flow sensor limits water flow substantially unlike those with the flow propeller shaft in parallel with pipe length & centered pointing parallel with water flow!

The G1-1/2 & G2” DIGITEN flow sensor turns perpendicular to the water flow, shaft is parallel to water flow, least resistance to water flow, recommended.

Works well. Good price.

I bought this sensor as an Arduino input to control my home's water pump. So far so good.

Works fine but restricts the flow

Excellent for the price, but it it has its limitations. As other reviewers wrote, it restricts the flow. I wouldn't want to use it if a water line larger than 1/2 inch is needed. Calibration appears to be within about 5% from 0.5 gpm to 4 gpm. Below 0.5 gpm calibration falls off quickly. I showed an 18% error at 0.38 gpm. I didn't test it above 4.28 gpm which is all I got through my 1/2" hose.

Lou S.
works well for my application

It works well for my application.
I set up a solar water heater for my pool controlled by a Raspberry Pi. I am using it to provide relative flow rates while making minor adjustments to the actuator/valve, so I can provide a variable flow that is always a constatnt temperature higher than my pool temp.
Not sure how accurate it is, but I do know that the value of 450 pulses/liter for the 1" as stated in the ad is not correct . If F=4.8 * L/M, then pulses/liter should be 4.8*60 or 288 which is the value that I am using, but I still suspect it is too high. Will have to write some code to allow me to calibrate it.
Had it in my system for about a month now, no complaints
Update 6/4/2018.
After adding 2 more solar panels, I am getting a max flow rate of 45 liters/min. Still running fine. but does deveop a louder hum at the higher flow rates. In addition at this increased flow rate I believe that it may have become a bottleneck considering the pump size that I am using to pump the water up around 25 feet to the solar panel.