DIGITEN G1" Water Flow Control LCD Display+Flow Sensor Meter+Solenoid Valve+24V power


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This LCD controller can monitor water flow rate,total flow,can control quantitative flow.you can re-setting quantitative flow,when flow reach to the number that you set.the controller will send singal to valve,turn off water flow and alarm automatically.

Easy to install,size is small.
Can connect to flow sensor,temperature sensor,solenoid valve.monitor gases,liquid flow.quantitative flow control,total flow alarm.
Monitor real-time flow rate.
Display temperature of the liquid.need to extra add temp sensor.
Control quantitative flow.when flow reach to the presetting flow,system will output signal to solenoid valve(ON/OFF).
Monitor total flow,total flow alarm.
Password can protect setting value.
When flowmeter is working,faucet dynamic display.
You can set K constant for various of flowmeters.

Power adapter: input AC100-240V; Output: DC24V
Working volt: DC24V±8V/1A
Flow range:1-60L/min
LCD size:3 inch,built-in backlight.
Viewing Angle:0-120 degree.
Solenoid valves working voltage:DC12V/0.3-0.5A(NC)
Controller case size:103x77x35mm,Controller cutout size:98x73mm.

Package Includes:
1 x LCD flow display controller
1 x G1" flow sensor
1 x G1" solenoid valve
1 x AC100-240V power adapter
1 x Temperature sensor
1 x Instruction

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