DIGITEN DTC101 DTC102 DTC151 Temperature Sensor Replace


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The temperature sensor is made of silicone, allow long term work with high temperature. It is high quality, high-accuracy The waterproof sensor works with water, seawater, weak acid or weak base liquid.
Measurement range : -40C to 120C(-40F to 248F)
Sensor Type: Waterproof NTC 10K 3950 sensor


Note: it can only be used together with our thermostat DTC102 ,DTC101 and DTC151.

Package include:

1 x temperature sensor

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Customer Reviews

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James Badiuk
Digiten product review

Very happy with the Digiten products.

Longer Sensor Cable Length

Can you make a temperature sensor longer than 16 feet (5m)? I need one that is 25 feet (8m). I am sure other customers may require the same, or even longer. If temperature sensor voltage drop is too much for longer lengths, then there is always to the temperature adjustment feature of those units to compensate and/or you can make an option in the set-up menu to specify sensor cable length. The DTC-101/102/151 would then indicate a more accurate temperature for that cable length. For your consideration.

Raymond West
Did not receive this sensor

I have never received this sensor. Can you look into what happened to it? And give me a call (757-810-3149) or email. Thanks Raymond West