DIGITEN DC 12V 24V 4 Digital Blue LED Counter Meter Up Down+Hall Proximity Switch Sensor

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High-speed IC,bright red LED,easy to install.
Good stability, strong Anti-interference.
Counting value be retained when power failure.
Widely use in Automatic Burden System,Winding Machine,packaging machinery,textile machinery,etc.
The meter retain the number automatically when power cut off.


Power supply:DC12V/DC24V
DC Current£¼30mA
Sign:Pusle signal,NPN 3 wires normally closed
trigger mode: rising edge
Display dimension: 0.56" Blue
Reset signal:Pulse or switch
Counting:Plus or minus
Response frequency: 100HZ
Display range:0-9999
Panel cutout dimension:76.5mm*39.2mm
Overall dimension: 79mm*43mm*30.5mm
Sensor dimention: M12x10x55mm.
Detection range: 10mm
Detected objects: magnet
Sensor appearance: M12mm cylinder.
Sensor wiring:brown---Power+;blue---Power-;black---signal.
Operating temperature: 0 to 50℃.

Packaging include

4 Digit blue counter x 1
Hall proximity sensor x 1(come with magnet)
4 wires cable x 1
2 wires cable x 1
Instruction x 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent ...

Excellent ... very well made and quite accurate.

Good Counter, but comes with the wrong sensor type !!!

The Counter itself is great and allows upwards, downwards counts and resets to zero. Reason I gave it 3 stars, the counter requires a positive signal from a PNP, NO sensor, because it needs a positive impulse to count (up or down). But the sensor included in this package is a NPN,NC type. Means, this sensor can never work with this counter, because:
a:) it switches minus, but the counter needs a plus impulse
b:) it is NC (normally closed), and should be normally open, only close to give impulse

Ironically, the instructions for the counter even specify the use of other sensors as long as they are PNP, NO type.

I suppose, somebody really slept when they put the counter/sensor package together.
I've ordered 2 of this counters and they both came with wrong sensor type.

With PNP, NO sensors the counter works flawless.