DIGITEN 0-999999 Digital LED Counter +PhotoElectric Switch Sensor +Reflector Automatic Conveyor Belting 100-220VAC


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Stronger photoelectric sensor come with reflector, detection distance up to 2m, it worked great and it is very accurate when detection distance is 7ft. This kit can detect most of object, for example, metal,plastic,glass,book,clothes,bag,wood,people,etc. and power requirement is AC/DC100-240V,come with US plug.Panel built in manual reset button. And it come with sensor mounting holder.it is very easy to hang up.

Features & Specifications

Power supply:AC/DC100-240V
Counter Current consumption: 60mA
Infrared photoelectric switch sensor:NPN 3 wires normally open,NO,6-36VDC
trigger mode: rising edge
Display: 0.56" RED LED,6 digits.
Response frequency: 10HZ
Counting method: Plus or UP
Display range:0-999999
Reset: manual
Detection distance: 0-6ft(0-2m)
Sensor cable length:1.2m(4 ft)
Power lead: 1.5m(5ft), US plug
Overall dimension: 57mm*40mm*85mm
Panel cutout dimension:51mm*27mm
Sensor head dimention: M18x70mm.
Reflector dimention: 6cm*5cm*0.75cm(2.36"*1.97"*0.3")
The meter retain the number automatically when power cut off.
Sensor wiring:brown---Power+; blue---Power-;black---signal.
Counter operating temperature: 0 to 50 ℃.
Sensor working temperature: -30-70C(non condensing:-30%RH-- +95%RH)

Packaging include

6 Digits red counter x 1
Photoelectric sensor x 1
Reflector x 1
Power plug wire x 1
Sensor mounting holder x 1
Instruction x 1

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