DIGITEN FS-C01 G1/2" Male Thread Water Flow Switch with Filter 0-2A/ 0-220V(AC or DC)


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Main application
Water flow switch is a very important part in the instant water heater. When there is a certain water flow through the water flow switch and flow rate is ≥1.0L/min, electric circuits is connected and water heater begin to heat. In contrast,when the water flow stops, the water heater stops working.

1.This flow sensor switch is made of brass, it is waterproof,heat resistance,pressure resistance,cold resistance.
2. It is small size and easy to install.
3. The flow sensor switch is stable and reliable.
4. All materials are in line with ROHS testing standards.

Working range: 1-50L/min
Operation voltage: 0-220V(AC or DC)
Working range: 1-30L/min
Mini start water pressure: 0.02Mpa
Max working pressure: 1.75MPa
Max loading power:50W
Working current: 0-2A
Response time: 0.2S
Temperature Resistance Range: 80℃
Male Thread External Diameter:20.55mm(0.8Inch)
Tube Length:60mm(2.36Inch)
Cable Length:23cm(11.81Inch)

Packing Including:
Flow sensor switch x 1

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AYC Automatizacion y Control S.A.
Need some help

Went in easy after I got adaptors for British pipe threads.. lol had some leaks as there is no way to seal it with an o ring (no shoulder) but enough thread tape worked. Still having issues with it not registering flow on my drip system. Hoping you can offer some advice on that. Other than that, I’m happy with purchase.