DIGITEN Fish Tank Thermometer Digital Aquarium Thermometer with Large LCD Display Stick On Terrarium Coral Tanks Temperature Sensor Gauge for Reptiles Turtle Lizard Amphibians

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  • 🌿【Cordless and Simple Design】No probes and messy wires in the water. The aquarium thermometer with the backside temperature sensor sticks on the outside of the fish tank to prevent water penetration and electronic oxidation.
  • 🐢【Large Transparent LCD Screen】Comes with a large 3.3" LCD screen that is easy to read clearly and accurately from a distance. The transparent screen of the aquarium thermometer will not block the view to observe the terrarium. 4 colors are available.
  • 🐟【High Accuracy】The aquarium thermometer with a backside accurate temperature sensor will display the current temperature, accurate to ±1℃/±2℉.
  • 🦎【Easy to Use】After installing the battery, stick the aquarium thermometer on the outside of the terrarium, below the water level, and read the temperature. Long press the UP or DOWN to switch ℃/℉.
  • 🐠【Widely Used】Suitable for different types of water such as freshwater, saltwater, tap water, sea water, etc. It can not only monitor the living temperature of lizards, turtles and other reptiles, but also be used for brewing beer and wine glass barrels, reef tank, coral tank, show tank, planted tank, terrarium and other pets tanks.

DIGITEN digital aquarium thermometer is designed for monitoring and checking the inside temperature of fish tanks and terrarium. With a large LCD transparent display a compact design, it can help to make your pets live in a comfortable environment.

Setting Range: -10℃~+60℃ (14℉~+140℉)
Measurement Range: -10℃~+60℃ (14℉~+140℉)
Accuracy: ±1℃,±2℉
Refresh Rate: 30s/time

Transparent Clear Screen wiht Large Number
Comes with a large transparent 3.3" LCD screen that is easy to read clearly and accurately from a distance, and won't block the view to observe the tank. It’s also a special decoration for your tank.

Waterproof Front Panel
The front panel is a PVC integrated surface shell, which is waterproof. And it can be wiped with a wet cloth.

Backside Cordless Temperature Sensor
The backside temperature sensor accurately monitors the water temperature in real time. It's simple in appearance without messy wires.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Does the job

Not only is it accurate but it looks great. Easy to read. Gives a flashing warning if your temperature parameters are compromised.

Antonio B.
It is really good I recommend it.

It is very accurate and very easy to read the installation is easy.

I Love These Things

I've tried several different thermometers for my aquarium tanks through the years and these are the best so far. They take quick and accurate readings, and the batteries last quite a long time. I've had other digital thermometers that require a wire to be placed into the water itself, and it doesn't take long for the tips to corrode. These however are merely placed on the outside of the tank. You can adhere them with a peeled sticker, or you can just prop them up against the glass if you wish to move it around. It's also nice that you can get readings in Fahrenheit, which isn't a feature in some other thermometers made overseas. I plan to buy more in the future as I rescue more unwanted fish.

John Trombka
Should have bought this long time ago.

Very nice. Sits well on my aquarium. Easy to read and great accuracy.


Put this on my axolotl tank so I could keep a close eye on the temperature. Seems pretty accurate.