DIGITEN Variable Speed Controller Exhaust Variable Speed Fan Speed Adjuster Vent Blower Speed Adjuster for Duct Inline Fan Speed Controol Governor for Ventilation Fan

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  • πŸͺγ€In Control】Correctly and precisely adjust the speed of inline duct fans to your requirement.
  • πŸ”Œγ€Plug-and-Play】Grounded outlet plug-in type, no messy wires and safety outlet, easy to install.
  • πŸ‘γ€Practical】Save energy and control the noise levels of fans.
  • πŸ•ΉοΈγ€Three Settings】Variable speed with dial adjustment (OFF, HIGH, MED, LOW) to automatically protects against fan motor burnout.
  • πŸŒ±γ€Widely Use】It can be widely used for exhaust fan, high velocity inline fan, mini blower, etc. Suitable for your grow room and greenhouse.

DIGITEN MSC2000 Speed Controller
DIGITEN MSC2000 fan speed adjuster was designed especially for centrifugal fans.
This means it will help prevent damage to fan motors, ensuring longer life.
It will correctly and precisely adjust the speed of centrifugal fans without causing the motor to hum.
It can be widely used for exhaust fan, high velocity inline fan, mini blower and more.
It's the best choice for your grow room and greenhouse.
It can adjust lamp brightness, also works for vacuum cleaner and BBQ system, etc.

Don't use it on brushless type motors.


DIGITEN, bring green to your life, bring smart tools into your life.

Control Range 50%-100%
Rated Power 350W
Working Voltage 120V
Max Temperature 40℃/104℉


🌱Easy to use, plug and play. Simply plug into a wall socket, then plug the fan into it.

➰Use the dial to increase or decrease the lamp brightness or fan motor speed.

πŸ†—Simple box and sleek design to stay out of the way and keep cords tangle-free.

🦺Durable 3-prong grounded plug for safety. Perfect for controlling speed of high velocity inline fan and mini blower.

1 x MSC2000 Speed Controller

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Blair Dowell
Works well. Doesn’t get hot.

This speed control works well, and stays cool to the touch even when slowing the fan down to a crawl.

Gentle Windinhair
Greenhouse Fan Control

I used this to control an inline 6" fan speed bringing air in from my DIY solar heater to my greenhouse and it works great. Hook up was a snap. It does the job!

Dillon Williams

It's perfect!

Control that I need

Controls my old fans speed as I need it.

Blase D
it can control a fan that already has speed controls.

This product is great. Plugged it into a flat window fan that already had an adjustable speed. but lowest speed was to high for my application. It works like a charm.