DIGITEN 6 Digital Red LED People Flow Counter+Photoelectric Infrared Detector

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This is our V2.0 version people counting system: HMPC-02, it is easy to install, you don't need to add extra wire to install.Come with 2-prong power cable for counter and one adapter for transmitter, so easy to connect this kit to wall outlet. The transmitter unit transmits infrared beam to the receiver unit. When someone passes between the 2 units and breaks the infrared beams, the count value increases by one. The counter will count total people times(include in and out)


Count the people number how many peoples pass through this system.
Range is 30cm-20m(1 ft to 65 fts),and range can be reduced to 30% in bad weather conditions:fog,rain,dust,dust,etc.
Good stability, strong Anti-interference.
Counting value be retained when power failure.
Built-in button on the panel to RESET to zero
Application: retail store,office,enter/exit of gate,etc.


Working voltage: 100-240VAC
Counter working mode: switch
LED dimension: 0.56 inch RED
Display range:0-999999
2-Prong power lead: 1.5m(5 fts), US plug
This power adapter (transformer) lead: 90cm(3 fts)
Counter overall dimension: 57mm*40mm*85mm
Counter panel cutout dimension:51mm*27mm
3 pin Cable length:60cm(2 fts)
Transmitter and receiver dimension:49.2*76*21.6mm

Packaging include

6 digits counter x 1(include wire)
Infrared sensors(transmitter and receiver) x 1
2-Prong Power wire x 1
Power supply(2.1x5.5mm plug) x 1
Parts include Screws,M3 brass pillar,etc.
Instruction x 1

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