1/2" Brass Motorized Ball Valve, DC9-24V and 2 Wire Auto Return Setup, Normally Closed


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Product Features:
1, POM and metal gear, POM gear used in the high speed to reduce the
noise of gear transmission, while the low speed use metal gear, to
ensure the reliability of the gear.
2, Automatically power off when in full open/close position, returns to fully closed if power is removed, low current, long service life, life time can up to 100,000 times.
3, Electrical limit and machinery limit design, accurate position, high
consistency, to avoid actuator action all the time.
4, Multi-angle assembly, which is convenient for the allocation of space
and more convenient to use.
5, Float ball structure, no leakage, large flow, two way valve, both
inlet and outlet, suitable for the occasion of heavy dirt or long time
no action.
6, Good substitution for solenoid valve or solenoid valve can not work

Technical Parameters:
Model: CWX-15N
Protection class: IP65
Working Pressure: Max 1.0MPa
Output Torque: Max2.0NM
Size: DN8-DN32
Open/close time: <5s
Voltage: DC9-24V
Working current: Max100mA
Medium Temp: 0-90℃

Auto-control system, industrial mini-auto equipment, solar water
heaters, water saving of high-school, drinking water equipment, timing
watering, timing humidification, air compressor timing drainage, etc.

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